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Bullet Proof Partitions – Guard House

Available on a first come first served basis – due to urgent demand. Fill the form below to reserve your guard house.

Based on expert security recommendations, we’re prioritizing the installation of bulletproof guard houses & stations across the Sunshine State.

Why: Guard stations expand the distance of initial deterrence further from your congregants. With a host of practical security benefits (see below) they are a quick way to raise your security posture and can integrate with future and existing security upgrades.

How: We are preparing a large number of ballistic glass security guard shacks and stations. We will also be installing ballistic glass for screening areas.

When: Due to the urgent demand we will be working on a first come first served basis.

Where: Any location in the state of Florida (out of state locations can fill this form for updates on future availability)

Price: Exact price will vary by your needs.

Benefits of Guard houses and stations: (click to expand expand..)

Why guard houses?

1. Enhanced Security: Provides a visible deterrent to potential threats, ensuring the safety of worshipers.
2. Controlled Access: Helps in regulating and monitoring individuals entering or leaving the premises.
3. Immediate Response: Enables quick reaction to any security breaches or emergencies.
4. Increased Vigilance: Surveillance capabilities can deter unwanted behaviors and potential vandalism.
5. Peace of Mind: Assures the congregation and staff of their safety, promoting a serene environment for worship.
6. Visitor Screening: Enables verification of identity and intent before granting access.
7. Reduced Crime Rate: Discourages theft, vandalism, and other malicious activities.
8. Professional Appearance: Conveys a sense of organization and seriousness about the security of the place of worship.
9. Emergency Coordination: A dedicated point for liaising with emergency services during crises.
10. Tailored Security: Can be equipped with advanced technologies (like cameras, intercoms) to suit specific security needs.

Providing a safe and secure environment is paramount for places of worship, and security guard houses play a pivotal role in achieving that goal.

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