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Horizon Construction & Roofing provides residential and commercial tarp & shrink wrap installation and storm damage protection services. We repair leaking and damaged roofs and prevent future roof damages. We use high quality materials & workmanship, we offer affordable prices, and our excellent service is our top priority.

We serve Broward County, Miami-Dade County, & Palm Beach County

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Horizon Construction & Roofing is a leader in tarp & shrink wrap Installation & Replacement projects. We have over 10 years experience in residential and commercial markets, we use high quality materials, and adhere to both local and national standards. Our excellent service, along with our professional work, results in high quality projects that are finished both on budget, and on time.

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Horizon Construction & Roofing provides roof and siding tarp & shrink wrap solution, as a temporary solution to damaged roof. The source of the leaking roof or siding may be due to old age, or because it was damaged during natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, or fallen tree and/or other objects.

Our tarp & shrink wrap crew is available 24/7 to provide a solution to your immediate roof or side leaks, so your home does not suffer great damage. Call us now for free examination of the roof or siding, and for a free estimate for the work.

Tarp on Roofs

A damaged roof may not be always be repaired or replaced right away. In order to stop any water from getting inside the home, and prevent damage such as flood, ceiling, walls, and floor damage, furniture and electronics damage, or even mold, a temporary solution is required, and that is tarping or shrink wrapping the roof and/or exterior walls. Tarping the home correctly is crucial, so don’t just hire any person or company to do it. Call us today for best results.

The emergency and temporary tarping and shrink wrapping will provide some protection to the roof and siding, until a more permanent and better solution is found and implemented, or until the roof is repaired or replaced.

Tarp on the Whole Roof

Since tarping or shrink wrapping a roof are a temporary solution to some types of damaged roofs, it is not advised to keep the tarp on the roof more than 3 months. If the weather allows, it may stay on the roof a little bit longer, until repair or replacement is done.

Building Shrink Wrap

Roof tarps and shrink wraps are waterproof so they are protecting the home from further water damage. Most blue roofs are made of woven, UV-resistant poly that is 5 mils thick and coated for water and mildew resistance. Blue tarp is inexpensive.

As part of our service, we will work with your insurance company, and bill them directly. Call us now for free consultation and free estimate.

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We serve Broward County, Miami-Dade County, & Palm Beach County

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